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It adds to my happiness. Don't think one particular thing makes me happy.
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Doesn't really make me happy, just chill out and play
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Playing gigs makes me happy, and me playing bass and guitar allows me to do that. But the actual act of playing is a hobby, and whilst I enjoy it, it'd be a pretty shallow life if the fact that I play guitar was what made me happy in life.

Owning a house, having a long term partner, having a good job, and having some great friends make me happy in life.
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It makes me happier, but im a generally unhappy person, which sucks.

To be honest, without music a few years ago, I would have offed myself
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I am very glad that I picked up the guitar and everytime I come home and am in a bad mood and pick up my guitar and play some music, I already feel alot better. It definantly helps to keep me happy. It doesn't mean I'm quite happy every day as I tend to have a 1-2 bad day(s) about ever 2-3 weeks.
Like I said I'm very glad that I started playing guitar and studying music as it's among the best decisions I've made in my life.
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no. it keeps me busy. unfortunately, buying new guitars would make me happy. i like new things.
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Playing guitar makes me happy. I play it in the morning before I leave for uni/work, and when I get home. It something that cheers me up no matter what, just the feeling of making music or playing along to music feels so right.
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I get tremendous mood swings pretty frequently and playing the guitar helps me deal with my teenage angst.

Wouldn't say it makes me happy, though, just helps me cope.
Sometimes. I suppose what makes me happy about it is knowning that i'm fairly decent at something for once!
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Not 'happy in life', exactly. But I am happy sometimes when I think to myself, 'Damn, I can play the guitar!'
No, not really... Now I'm going to be thinking all day about what makes me happy in life... Screw it, I'm gonna go sleep instead...

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I never feel more at ease or comfortable with myself then when I am creating yes It does help sustain some amount of happiness.
Yes it allows me to express how I'm feeling through music. Well I wouldn't suppose it makes me happy per se, but it's certainly a relief to sit down and play and create something through my emotions that's meaningful and tangible to me. Honestly glad I picked up the guitar though, cliched thing to say, but I'm not sure where I'd be without it, surely someplace worse.
I don't think asking yourself if things "make you happy" is a good idea, as if being constantly ecstatically happy is the only point of life. It's something I enjoy, it's worthwhile because it's a form of art, and it allows me to make music which is something I'm passionate about.
I doubt a hunk of wood with metal strings attached can bring true happiness.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
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It doesn't make me happy. but it make me happier than if I didn't play.
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It's a nice hobby when I'm bored, but it only makes me actually happy when I'm really in the right mood to play, which is somewhat rare. Playing gigs, or even just jamming with other people, is fun though when I actually get to, but playing alone rarely makes me happy per se, it's just something to do.
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I doubt a hunk of wood with metal strings attached can bring true happiness.

Is that sarcasm? Music is just sound waves but that doesn't mean it can't bring happiness. A hunk of wood with strings can play that music.
The fact that I can have fun with it makes me happy. The fact that people are entirely oblivious to what I'm doing does not make me happy.
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I doubt a hunk of wood with metal strings attached can bring true happiness.

Love is just a change in the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, leading to physical and hormonal changes to the body, but you can't say it doesn't bring you happiness.
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Playing gigs and jamming with others makes me happy. Playing alone does basically nothing for me anymore.

I can no longer satisfy myself.
playing guitar feels more useless to me everyday...playing guitar in high school seemed awesome....early college it was still pretty i would rather do music production...which while consisting of guitar....the guitar playing isn't the part i look forward to the most....
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It adds to my happiness. Don't think one particular thing makes me happy.


I'm just like the Jonas Brothers,

I'm no longer relevant and write mediocre music.

It makes me intensely happy at times, and intensely discomforted when without. Sometimes I crave playing it, or I'm feeling messed up or furious, and I can play it all out and return to normal. It's a bit like a drug to me at times.

Then there's the days when you pick it up, the timing's all wrong, and you feel like you can't play for shit. Oh well.
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