Hey, I'm trying to learn a song, and wondering what exactly he does here, and how I could replicate it well?
awesome song, thank you for that sir, but I don't know, if you ask me..... he is only hitting the bridge
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do you wanna hear a little piano composition I have just made?, I promise it don't totally sucks, you can hear it on my profile, any feedback would be really appreciated -C4C
Percussive guitar. People like John Butler use it in some of their tracks; adds versatility and can eliminate the need for a drummer.
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Oh ok, so it pretty much is as straight forward as I thought it was ^.^ Thanks guys.

He is an amazing player... I discovered by a very recent UG column that was on the home page, named "5 Veteran Classical Guitarists Every Guitarist Must Know". If you liked it I reccomend looking at the others if you want