I am thinking about purchasing this Telecaster as my second guitar. Does anyone know about these guitars as the only reissues I have ever heard of was the '52 and '72 deluxe, which has 2 humbuckers or 1 single coil and a humbucker in the neck position. Also, does anyone think that AUD$1000 is a good deal? (I have seen a '52 Tele reissue on Ebay for around $1200)
The link isn't working right. Loads up a blank page. Are you sure it's a reissue? Probably just a telecaster made in 97, but I can't see what you're looking at so I'm just going by the thread title.
Hmmm... The link works for me, but here's the description:
MIJ. '72 re-issue. Good condition with some scratches and chips. Solid alder body. Maple on maple neck. All original. With softcase.

...And a pic
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