Two recently completed instrumental tracks.
"Pollen" and "This Is As Real As It's Gonna Get".
They are up on my profile:

About "Pollen":
This track actually started off as an all-acoustic track, but I think I might have overdone it a little bit.
The solo at the end is completely improvised. Written and recorded in a period of 3 hours.

About "This Is As Good As It's Gonna Get":
Written and recorded all in a period of 5 hours. Lots of work went into this.
I woke up and felt like recording something that I normally wouldn't write, but ended up loving in the end.

Both of the tracks are meant to have vocals, but my voice isn't entirely suited for the feel of either of these tracks.
I also can't program drums...like, at all. So look past those two flaws, please. :]

Critique for critique as always.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my work.
Hey there, thanks for the crit man
Listening to This Is As Real As It's Gonna Get, obviously it's hard to get the right feel of the track without the vocals on top but I'm liking what I hear so far, I love the little riff that comes in on top of the distorted guitar at 2:06 (You probably saw my comment on soundcloud :P) It might help to add cymbals on the sections where the chorus would be on the drums, it'll help it distinguish itself from the verses!

In Pollen I LOVE the intro, that 3rd chord is excellent I'm not too sure if the distorted guitar works too well with the acoustic until you go back into the intro riff, when the lead kicks in, which goes back to sounding kick ass I really like the abrupt ending, Was that intentional or did you just give up? haha Overall good stuff dude, definitely interested in hearing the final products!
for This Is As Real As It's Gonna Get
so far its got a lot of pottential i realy liked the acoustic the progression sounds cool
the leads are cool too

pollen realy cought my ear the melody right off sounded realy cool the distorted guitar sounds good too but realy would have still been great without it liked the solo too
Hey buddy, how are you today?

I'm going to review the song itself - not the sound quality of it - cause that's just what I do

"This is as real as it's gonna get" is pertty catchy. I like catchy songs you know, I think if you can't remember a song, it's not worth listening.. so far so good I think the "main riff" is overplayed though, I know you want to add some vocals there, but some variations may be great too. Overall great, looking past the fact that you can't program drums, I'm sure when the drummer will come in, it's going to be great, just feel the vibe :3

"Pollen" caught more of my attention. I actually like that rock, acoustic type of song. As the other one, it's pretty catchy. It has a pretty nice soul to it, I like how the song flows, keeping us interested. +1 for the solo, fits well, well played.


(I'm from that ( https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1431159 ) thread ^^)
Hey man, thanks for giving my song a listen!

I gave as good as it gets a listen, it's pretty good. The drums aren't as bad as you made it seem, they sound like pretty good electronic music type drums, if that is what you were going for. The song itself is pretty good, I like it. I love how it gradually builds up, i can imagine some pretty intense vocals to add to the buildup. My only complaint is the guitar tone, I think it needs a tiny bit more mids, but that might just be me.

Good job!
First, thanks for the epic critique of my album (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=26922606#post26922606 ) That gave me some great insight!

"This is as Real..." - Cool song, could use some vocals, feels a little dragged out towards the end, but a good song none the less

"Pollen" - I really dug this one! I think the acoustic was my favorite part, but the shredding was great too. You made a great decision to keep the drums as minimal as you did, giving it a more raw and real feel.

Overall, nice freaking job!
For this is as real...I liked the acoustic part a lot! The electric part not so much. It seemed really out of place, maybe if it was recorded with better quality it would have sounded better.

For pollen...........I enjoyed that one a lot more. The acoustic part in the beginning is very cool. and when It changes to electric, you keep the acoustic in, and that makes it sound really cool, and really different. I enjoyed this song. I'm going to give pollen a 5, and this is as real a 4
Hey man I appreciate your critique on my songs!
So as promised, here is what I have to say.

Pollen- It has a real cool feel to it, I really am not a fan of instrumentals unless its something like "Explosions In The Sky" but besides the fact. I think you had a lot of cool ideas. The guitar playing and melody is great, but the only thing I would have to say is lower on the distortion. Other than that, I would say you have a pretty good song going for you.

Meaning- I like this a lot, it has a real cool and soft tone even with the distortion. But in the beginning it seems like the two tracks aren't clashing together very well. I would say the melody needs a little work. But a very great concept. I like it.

This Is As Real As It's Gunna Get- Once again, I would say the distortion is a little overkill in this. You might want to lower the volume of the drum track, it's a little overbearing, or even replace the kick with some snare. Thats just me though. I really like when the riff at around 2:09 comes in. It's got a real cool sound to it.

Maybe, Possibly- I like this song a lot dude. I like the constant acoustic in this song. The lyrics are good. I like how you have the dueling voices pretty much going on. The solo in there is really cool as well, it's not very complex but it sounds good and fits well.

Running With Scissors- This is great, all parts of the song. I feel like at 1:38 you might need to work on that transition a little, it just doesn't seem natural. This sounds like it would be great under vocals, not as an instrumental

Overall, your recording is pretty good. The only thing i would say is it seems like you like having a lot of distortion on top of the acoustic tracks, which is fine. It's just my style, I'm not a big fan of distortion. Keep on recording man, you have a lot of great qualities in your songs. Melody, theory, tone, rhythm, and lead. It's all there.