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Thenextkirk92 - (sic) by Slipknot
8 30%
Niejel - Killing In The Name by Rage Against the Machine
3 11%
Metasponge - Seek and Destroy by Metallica (no solo)
3 11%
Hakoon1 - Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
13 48%
Voters: 27.
Easy tier voting. Vote based on which performance you prefer, not which song you like best. Please do not vote unless you have seen all the entries for this tier. Good luck

Thenextkirk92 - (sic) by Slipknot

Niejel - Killing In The Name by Rage Against the Machine

Metasponge - Seek and Destroy by Metallica (no solo)

Hakoon1 - Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
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Thenextkirk, a little difficult to hear at times, but particularly your picking during the first and second riffs sounded great. Also good job on the riff at around 2:30.

Niejel, some timing issues in the first part but this may be down to a poorly synced audio track, I can't tell. Sounds like there is a lot of unintentional hiss, probably due to too much distortion, so try turning that down a bit. Playing wise it was fairly clean, but like I said a few timing issues. Can I ask what pedal that was you were using for the solo, sounded like a whammy but didn't look like one

Mrmetasponge, first off turn down your treble and up your bass! Sounds very thin tone-wise. Looking at your picking hand you appear to have a slightly abnormal technique which may be hindering you, so take a look at that and try different positions but whatever works for you is what is important. The solo backing sounded fine except for a few dead notes which you could easily fix with a bit more practice. Sounds like you almost have the speed for it. Well done

Hakoon1, firstly very well done on the fingerpicking, although it does sound like at the start you are hitting the low E slightly harder than needed. Well done on the interlude harmony, maybe a little vibrato would have worked there though. The solo was pretty much spot on with only one mistake but it was barely noticable. Very good job on a great song.

I am going to vote for Hakoon1, his cover was great and mostly lacked mistakes, and was a more difficult piece than the other three. Well done all
Thanks for the votes Random3, thank you for your input. I am pretty much new to fingerpicking so I'll be sure to pick the E softer next time I put most of my effort into the solo because whenever I listen to a song I like to see how the solo is played, so figured others would do this. And I couldn't find a proper tab with the harmony like that played so I had to make a little bit up for that haha.

Thanks again, and good luck and great job to the other contestants
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Voted for Koon.
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