Hey guys, whats up....

i currently have a Epiphone Les Paul and a B.C.Rich SOB (but i wont for long, because im selling it.)

After helping my dad in the next few weeks i will be earning roughly 1000-1300$...so, what better way to spend it than to upgrade my rig lol...

At this very moment i have a Line 6 Spider 4 15w amp (i know...)...and i was wondering if i should upgrade my amp...or buy a new guitar, like an ESP FX-360 or a Ibanez S570DXQM

if i should get a new guitar, recommend a guitar
if i should get a new amp, recommen an amp
If i could somehow wedge in both (a new guitar AND a new amp) recommend both lol

My genres of preferance are Blues, Classic rock and full out Metal so i would prefer an amp/guitar that could play those.

I've been looking into various Randalls and stuff of that nature but im not fully sure of what to look for in good tube amps.

Thanks guys
amp first, upgrading your guitar but continuing to play through a Spider is a waste.

Do you play more blues/classic rock or metal?
You could get a nice tube amp more suited for blues/classic rock and use a pedal to get into metal territory. But if metal is more important a randall, peavey or a mesa ect may be more of what you are looking for.

Combo?Head? Would you go used?
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