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I have a cheap single coil pickup (it was a humbucker but I stabbed one of the coils with a screwdriver and now its essentially a single coil) in the neck position of my Epiphone G400 that I can get a really nice, lo-fi, clang-y sound out of, especially on a distorted amp. The problem is there's a noticeable drop in volume when I switch between the pickups. The neck pickup is obviously way louder.

Is there any circuit I can install in my guitar to make the neck pickup as loud as the bridge pickup, but still keep the lo-fi, clang-y sound of it?
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get a seymour duncan pickup booster...i dont know if they only work on ducans, probably not try searching it and see what u get
Yeah moving it closer to the strings is the best option. Another option is to put in a preamp which will up the output a bit, but that requires batteries.
In terms of the structure of the pickup itself the output is a combination of the thickness of wire, the number of turns, the resistance of the wire and the magnet strength and you can't really play with these. Best to buy a higher output pickup.
If you dont want to amplify the single, you can put a separate volume pot on the humbucker and dial it back.
To increase punchiness of blade magnet and low-output pickups, I've always recommended attaching a powerful bar magnet to the base of the pickup to give it more juice. This is common practice with underpowered pickups, or those that don't use alcino pole pieces. It's non-invasive and, if the results aren't desirable for the situation, easily reverted.
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It sounds like all you did was wire the single out of phase with the humbucker by accident. Putting it back in phase will get rid of the 'lo-fi' sound but it will be quite a bit louder.

The easiest way to do this is to use seperate volumes like RebuildIt said. A small single-transistor booster would work better though. You'd still probably want a volume on it though.

For this, you'll want a medium-gain germanium transistor. Here is the original part, an OC71.
Invader Jim, I'd love to use that preamp schematic you posted in my Epiphone Granada whose vintage pickup is just really lacking in power, but I doubt it would fit in the tiny top-mounted pickguard. Fiddlesticks.
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