hey guys, I wasn't sure where to go with this question, but my band is playing a show soon and i wanted to get some visuals for our background when we play.Was thinking of using "Textures and Backdrops Volume 2: Living Color Fields" ,Getting it for free would be best like a torrent, but I can't find it . Any help would be much appreciated.
Call up the kid who did the live animations for Jack Black in School of Rock.

That was real... right?
call me ziggy.
naw man forget this. what you really need is a new amp...
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I prefer Syd Barretts method of visuals for shows.

Get an old slide projecter, one with a bulb that gets very hot. Then put some ink inbetween two slides and put it on the projecter. Ink heats up and starts bubbling/moving around. Instant visual light show.


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Wouldn't playing a torrented work in a public show be a very bad idea, legal-wise?
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