I just bought a blackstar HT-5 mini half stack after hearing nothing but good reviews about them, and i love it. I'm moving into accommodation at university soon so my own 100W amp would have been useless.

The HT-5 is perfect for me as i can get some really nice cranked tones without the amp being earth-sunderingly loud, the only thing is, when i practice with my band, it's not quite loud enough. Is there anyway i can get some kind of volume boost? Maybe an EQ pedal? or would it work if i used a tube screamer and turned the level up on it whilst rolling the gain back a bit?
the EQ and the tubescreamer with the level up and gain down would help you a lot, that's what i do from time to time
look into getting a sonic maximizer too, the BBE sonic stomp is a pretty sick pedal for stuff like that, gives your sound more volume and clarity
possibly a stupid question but, i'm installing active pups into my jackson soon, i presume the preamp in the actives would help with the volume? if not clarity
You're only going to get so much volume out of a 5 watt amp. The louder it gets the more anemic the lower freq will be. Bass takes much more power. Get a more powerful amp.
Yea no matter what you do it's still a 5 watt amp. If you want more volume, you need more power.
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yeah these guys are right tbf haha,
active pickups would help, but it wouldn't be a hugeeee difference in sound
you could always mic your amp up through the P.A when practicing