Alright folks, selling or trading my Dean for something a bit more traditional... I've decided I've had too many metal/modern shape guitars. That, and I'm too busy raping my 8 string to play the Dean these days.

From MusicStreet.co.uk -
Body - Mahogany
Bridge/Tremolo - Floyd Rose Licensed Tremelo
Controls - Dimebag Traction Knobs
Fingerboard - Rosewood
Frets - 22
Inlays - Dot
Neck Joint - Set Neck
Neck Material - Mahogany
Pickguard - None
Pickups - Dimebucker Treble Pickup, Zebra pickup

Great guitar, in 7/10 condition. Sadly, I've no case - traded this from a friend and he didn't have one either. It plays like a dream, I just fancy something different! Guitar is in standard, strung with 10's and plays lovely.
You can pick the guitar up, I can meet you in the Glasgow region (or maybe a little further if we negotiate petrol money). Looking for £300 or nearest offer... I'll definately entertain offers close to 300, and I'd like to hear what you've got for trade - could be interested in strats, teles, les pauls, you name it!
Pics can be found HERE!
PM me, leave messages here or email me at Fullmetaljacket_2003@Hotmail.com

Cheers, Mike
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