Hey everybody, I'm looking for a musicians to help me with my 4th album (After I'm done with the 3rd album which is due te end of april hopefully) which i want to be progressive rock (think Thanatopsis or population override by buckethead). I need a keyboardist (mostly a synth player) and a bassist. I might program the drums but drummers are also invited

the genre is progressive instrumental rock, I'm looking for advanced players, leave me your info and we'll I'll get back to you

also check my other songs at www.myspace.com/vshred

It's mostly psycho metal but i also have a mellow album.

i play the guitar. dont know if i can help at all...
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hey thanx spwee, but no it's all instrumental

@john, dude can you drop my your email in my PM, i have a keyboard player now but we'll see if he can pull off what i need...

Damn. Well, if ever need 'em, you know where to find me.
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but my fav tech deathcore band is actually emmure. i'd never be able to play **** like that in a million years seriously.