I've tried the electro-harmonix LPB-1, and it does not raise the volume. That pedal gives a strong (and nice) tone, but that's not what I need.

My gear is:

Valveking 112
Fender Strat
BOSS TurboDistortion (Just for solo)

Any suggestion? Maybe an EQ?
Boost pedals need to go in the effects loop to boost volume. If you put it in front of the amp, it's just going to push the preamp into overdrive. An EQ is always a good way to go if you're looking for a clean boost.
Look into getting a Compressor stomp box, it could add about 5 db and make your sound "cut" through the rest of the instruments without over-doing it
@ Roc8995: How I must to plug those pedals then?

Send > TurboDistortion > LPB-1 > Return?
I'd say a good EQ in the effects loop like the MXR 10 band.
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my DS-2 seems to boost the volume for solos enough on its own, especially with single coils

i assume you have the DS-2 volume up all the way?
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^Agreed - if you've got a dirt pedal in the loop already, you're not going to get very much more with a clean boost. Sounds like your might need to re-EQ to cut through the mix, or need a bigger amp/cab setup.
I agree with the EQ pedal (ideally one with a level control) in the effects loop route. Plug it in as the last pedal. Even a Danelectro Fish n' Chips could do this. It will add noise to your rig and break after awhile. But it will do the job. But really you should get the MXR.

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Quote by Atax1a
@ Roc8995: How I must to plug those pedals then?

Send > TurboDistortion > LPB-1 > Return?

put the turbo distortion into the front of the amp and the lpb-1 into the loop
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I personally think the MXR mc 401 works great at gigs. The pedal's only job is to make you louder when needed and that's what it does. It doesn't alter your tone in any way, so if you just want to make your guitar louder without changing your sound, I would go for the MXR. That's what I did anyway
I'll try TurboDistortion in front of the amp and the LPB-1 into the effect loop for now. If that doesn't work, I'll try the MXR

Thanks all anyway!