I think mine came stock with 300k volume pots instead of the 500k my friend has

no comparison
his cherry is the first guitar--- my sunburst starts at 0:39

his clean tone sounds significantly clearer/articulate than mine--- listen to the similar clean riff at 0:27 compared to 0:54
mind sounds like its blanketed/muffled (or to put another way (as if my volume was only 3/4 of the way up)
and this is over a zoom h2 through a garageband ... imagine how different it is when you actually play it

Did it significantly change the sound for the better? it seems from my research this has been the case with other people

also would it be a bad idea to only change the volume pot for the neck pickup? (like would i have pickup imbalances)

i feel if i change the bridge as well it would be too shrill since i think the bridge is fine right now

apparently all stock gibsons es-335s 300k are the norm.... 500k only comes in the historics
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