Ok the current problem that im facing is that when i play some tapping licks that require my hands to move up/down the fretboard, there will always be the noise of my hand sliding across the strings that are muted. so how do i solve this problem?

(e.g when i am beginning to move into a tapping lick on the high e string, i move my hand across the strings and there will be sliding noise. When i move my tapping lick up the fretboard, the sliding noise will also occur which has left me stumped.. actually i watched one video of paul gilbert tapping while moving across the strings i can hear the sliding noise but its not that obvious and doesnt overpower the sound of the high e string. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgZi5Jb0BBs heres the video around 0.36 mark he moves his right hand across the muted strings so many times but there is almost no sliding sound )
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Use less distortion?
I don't really have this problem as
1. I don't really tap often
2. When I tap, I don't rest my palm on the strings to mute them, I just avoid touching other strings.
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It sounds to me like you have problems with muting unwanted noise. Watch this video. It should help you if this is your problem. This technique is also applied with tapping.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIEnzboW0Hc

no the only unwanted noise i get is the sliding noise of the muted strings. thats the problem i face. i am able to mute strings while tapping lol
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anyone got any ideas? so far i havent found a solution yet .
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"I used to individually Turtle Wax my unwounds (g/b/e) to reduce string noise" -Eric Johnson