I need to get to Charlotte, and USA is going through a gas price raping, nearly 4 bucks where im at. Carolina Rebellion is around the corner, and i never use this amp anymore.

no dents, scratches, gouges, ive only cranked it up twice. warranty is still good. sounds great.

it was 250 brand new.

if i take it to a pawnshop could i get 200 for it? barter for 225, but settle for 200?
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Quick answer - No
A pawn shop is not going to buy it from you for $200 that's the highest price they'll put on it and they wouldn't be making any profit. A pawn shop will give you $125 if you're lucky possibly $150 if you sell it. If you pawn it and don't pick it back up they may give you a little more for it cause they think you're going to come back to pick it up, but I think $200 is a stretch.
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Honestly probably not. Most pawn shops will give you 30-40% on an item. So if it's new $250 they will look to sell it for $200 which means they will offer you $60-$100 based on how likely they think it is to sell.

You'd be better off with selling it privately.
Ok, thats a good answer.

Could i get 200 privately in your honest opinion?
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Quite honestly, no. I would not expect anyone to be looking to pay $200 for it.

Maybe, just maybe.. List it at $170 or something, pretty reasonable, and you just might be able to pull off someone willing to pay that, or they would try to talk you down.. Settle at $150 or so though. Otherwise, why sell it?

It's just not a popular amp to begin with, so the market will be small.. You're gonna have to find the right buyer.
Found a buyer. willing to pay 200. Woo!!!
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Holy ****. **** you. You ****ing ****.
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Found a buyer. willing to pay 200. Woo!!!

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