I like how Fender is branching out a little. They look like cool guitars.
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They are going to be made in Japan, which most of the time means good quality for a decent price.
anyone that buys the '51 is a mug
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Now Fender starts to think outside the box...

Not really. All they've done is take a Squier that was very popular and try to cash in on it.

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Sorry there's a lot else out there in the $800 price range...although i dig the '72 as well. I'd never buy one at these prices.
I dig the Mustang. Fender knows how to be classy and for that i'm glad. I probably won't go buy one, but I wouldn't turn one down!
All that money for a poly finish? Very mediocre.
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Expensive imitations of cheap guitars.

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All that money for a poly finish? Very mediocre.

You don't get much more than poly or urathane finish on modern Fenders with some little exceptions like the Road Worn and Highway One series (and Customshop of course).