So, i own a cheap Les Paul copy and have decided to give it an aesthetic makeover, as something of an experiment, and if i feel inclined, might even change out the pickups for newer, more awesome BK's. Basically, ive checked the threads and dont feel exactly what im askin has been covered before (no no doubt some elitest will prove me wrong) but what i need to know is, what exactly needs to be done ?

take the neck, strings, bridge etc off... but i dont know about the pots + pickups... i have basically zero wiring experience, and see no need to remove em (yet at least), so i figured i could just cover them with tape or something during painting. I need to sand all the old paint off the body + neck. in terms of painting, im going for green white and black frankenstrat style. not entirely sure where to start... Do it like Eddie, start with maybe 2/3 coats of black, then white, then green maybe ?? plus im not sure if its an absolute must to lacquer your guitar?

Sure i know im totally clueless about this sorta stuff, but any help/tips/hatemail would be appreciated. Plus, it would look awesome when its finished !
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Lacquer is optional, especially on a frank. Its main purpose is to protect the paint from getting scratched.