So my 1spot broke down when I forgot it plugged. When I noticed it, the thing was really hot. I already bought a new powersupply but I decided to open it to see what's inside it. I don't really understand anything about it but if someone does, feel free to share your thoughts and wisdom

I wouldn't plug it in if you've been messing with it.
If it's DC, most of it will be a transformer. I wouldn't mess with it.
Nothing surprising here. It's a regulated, high-current DC power supply that's compact and inexpensive.
The tallest vertically mounted capacitor and the large horizontally mounted one both appear to be bulging, which probably means they're shot (I can't tell for sure on that vertical one, but the largest cap is definitely bulging). They may have taken other components out with them, but we can't be sure because electrons are so damn hard to see. Given the cost of these things I'd be inclined to just buy another one.
Yeah the one nearest the power cord is definitely hosed.
The horizontally mounted one APPEARS to be ok. Don't see any bulges.

Either way toss it. Unless you have the knowledge to repair it.
I would, but I like to do that kinda stuff, especially if it looks like a lost cause

Anytime an electro cap bulges, its toast.

Myself, I would cannibalize it for parts. I do the same things with old tv's and radios too.
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If you were a regular in this forum, I would say save it for parts.
If you are into the sort of thing we in here are into, some of those parts may be useful down the road.
Not a whole lot of useful parts in there to be honest. If you've got an electronics store handy, you might try replacing that big resistor just to see if that was the only problem, but to me it would be trash if that didn't work.
It looks to be a pretty simple switched-mod AC-DC power supply.

The large horizontally mounted cap is dead. However... replacing it most likely won't be what fixes the problem for the power supply. Something else caused it to die first. It is also possible that the switcher IC is dead. If you don't know anything about them... don't **** with them. They are a whole lot more dangerous than some other types of supplies.

If you've never worked with an SMPS then its a bit difficult to work on them. They work by switching a mosfet on and off rapidly and use the duty cycle of that pulsing to change either the voltage or the current.
Since I haven't dealt with this kind of electronics repairing, would it be insane to take it to a professional if the another option is to by new one ?