Looking for Drummer and or Vocalist. Down for anything heavy, preferrably something fast.

Need a drummer who is pretty experienced. Fast blasts, good with rolls and DB.

Vocalist: any metal style really. High Screams, Low Growls whatever as long as its good.

Looking to record a couple tracks and send back and forth for now and see what happens.

The only samples I have to hear are on myspace.com/brutalstl
I would give anything to have the opportunity to be able to lay down my skills properly. I have been holding back for years in the best interest of guitar players. Just the people I meet and jam with or collaborate usually want no part of death metal. I am all about blasting, with double bass and it's too intense for the guitar player to keep up with me so I try to hold back that way I don't completly show the guitar player up and upset him. I have been in situations before where the guitar player gets offended by my skills, he probably realizes he shouldn't be jamming with a drummer as good as me I don't really have any other explanation. Im tired of catering to the guitar players needs, if you are ready to play some death metal just let me know and we can get started. I can bring a lot to the table if you are a good song writer.
Ok sweet, Ill put something short together for now to see how it sounds. I should have it ready to send by Saturday.

Are you able to track drums with a click if I send you audio files? I use Reaper, I can record but not like a pro. So if you had any tips on how to save and send to be uploaded into another system let me know. Otherwise i can research.

I like your vox alot...btw
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Yeah man, if you send me a track I can play over it with my wireless headphones. Doesent have to be pro, im glad you said that actually cuz I don't have studio quality mics, some people are picky about that. I still get a decent sound out of recording drums though.
No man its cool. Just a trial if its something that everyone involved liked and wanted to do more of we can look into good recordings. I'll pm you once I have something for you.
Well I got a clip together if anyone is interested shoot me a PM