So I made a new song a while ago (about 3 months) and it really was just random inspiration, I first played the lead, and then rhythm (which was weird imo). I've only been playing for 2 years, so I'm obviously still a noob, and I recorded the the whole thing with my laptop mic. I did though, record the rhythm guitar twice to give a stereo sounding sound, although doing the same to the lead could've proven troublesome.

But anyway, I know the song isn't that great, but what I want is pointers, what can I do to make it more interesting?, I only used A aeolian, so maybe I should use broaden my horizon
The song can be found here:

The beginning will be very scratchy, but bare with me, it's only 1 minute long (:
its not bad i think you need to look a little bit at your timing a little bit but other than that its good and yes maybe take a look at another scale.
yeah I noticed that some of the emphasis I was trying to do sounded weird because of timing, I should use a metronome next time.
What scale do you recommend for that kind of progression? Atm I only know aeolian, dorian, pentatonic, harmonic, ionian, and some arpeggios. I realize dorian is more of a jazzy scale, but I hear phyrigian is kind of like the harmonic.
Hey Hitaro!

There are a couple of obvious things I want to point out. Obviously cdayrocks mentioned the metronome, which would be helpful, but maybe invest in a drum program to not only keep you on tempo, but to also add a different feel? I'm sure you recorded this with the intent of just jamming on the guitar lol

Second, that was good especially for only playing for 2 years! Keep practicing because practice makes perfect

Third, obviously once you get the money, invest in a microphone to record with. You can also look into things like Line 6's toneport series because they are fairly cheap and easy to use to record your guitar with.

What was your chord progression?

And whenever you have the free time, could you check out my song and let me know what you think?

I just did man, I love it! I hope that you guys will continue with the band post-college project, I hope to hear more, I subbed
oh and my progression was in A minor, A, C, G, F/E (F was only a passing chord)