Its me bday soon and I wanna get a good pair of headphones, I'll be spending roughly £120 on them, what are a good pair that have good quality but aren't just horribly bland looking? I've seen someone with a specific pair on, I can't remember for the life of me now what brand they are but what they looked like, but I asked the guy and he said that they cost around the aforementioned price and the striking thing about them were that they changed colour.. If anyone knows of any colour changing headphones in the price range of 100 quid give or take about 50 please let me know Other than that, please tell me some other good headphones

If you want to go by quality/sounds I listen to a lot of hip hop if that means anything
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Sennheiser HD-450 I believe is what you want.

A quick google suggests that I cannot find one in the UK. Are these american made only? And do these have the colour changey shizz? (Okay, I know I sound like a tool worrying about what they look like but I'm seriously bored of the bland ass looking ones)

The UK Sennheiser website has many HD45_ ones, (like HD452) but no 450..
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Monster Dre Beats or whatever they're called.

EDIT: Out of your price range. Try Bose or Sony.
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I was definately thinking about Dr Dre Beats originally.. But I saw those phones and I was like :O But yeah I agree with the quality of skullcandy being sub par
Seriously, I have a friend who's an audiophile who says that you should never buy Dre Beats as you can get loads of better earphones for similar or less price.
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I have Sennheiser HD-555, Open cans though, so people can hear what you are listening to. Great cans though Highly recommend.