I currently now use a fender jazz bass. But I would like a new bass so I have some variation, the brand doesnt need to be so known as long as its quality bass.

Im looking for a bass with dark and funky sound. I would prefer 5 strings or even 6 strings. I am currently learning to slap so would be good if it could sound alright on it.

EDIT: I really like flea's sound. Especially the sound in "If you have to ask" and "Funk monks"
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Warmoth is a good option for that price. I wish I did it instead of buying my Jazz.
A 5 string stingray would be great, although fi you wanna save a bit more, the musicman Bongos come in 6 strings.

Theres also warwicks which i reccomend, maybe even a high end fender 5 string.

But yes, Flea used a stingray on BSSM, if you master the punky agressive slap technique then you can sound quite a lot like the guy, a very nice sound and a lot of fun to play with!
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Flea actaully used a Wal 5 string for BSSM, which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of your price range I'm afraid.

The tone can be re created with a HH Stingray or Sterling to some extent though, you may want to look into that.
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It doesn't need to be one of the basses he uses. I just said I liked the sound in those songs. Warmoth looks interesting do you know if they ship to Norway?

EDIT: I did actually consider a Stingray but I chose jazz bass in the end. I kind of regret a little, I could get like 2 decent basses for the same price. It's an American Standard.

EDIT2: after further checking out warmoth it looks kinda like the thing for me
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