I'm thinking about buying new new pickups for my Ibanez RGA42 and was wondering what you would say is the best pickups for metal? I don't really have a budget , just want to see what you's come up with. cheers
There's a thread for this.

Cheapest would be GFS Crunchy or Power Rails

More expensive would be some Bareknuckles.
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There's always the default EMG 81 85 combo. Also the Seymore Duncan Blackout Metal pickups are good. Also dimarzio makes a great range of pickups that are good for metal. Now all of those are relitively inexpensive compared to some smaller companies that make some insane pickups. I do know that Rio Gronda pickups (a small company i believe based out of arizona) makes some beast pickups with some insane output that work amazingly for metal.
Do you have a specific genre of metal as that could also change what pickup would better suit your needs, Someone in the Doom Metal Genre would be looking for a different sound then someone in the Tech Death Metal Genre.

Do you want a tight distortion, or something that is a little more loose for a more wall of sound approach, any one of the previously stated pick ups handle distortion well and could do the job, but if you have a specific idea in mind of style and tone, everyone can help you better achieve a tone you'd like and want to keep for your style.

Just my 2 cents
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I have a Dimarzio Evolution bridge pickup in my Ibanez and it works very well for metal in my opinion. It is pretty versatile also. It can can handle a great clean tone, but also has a tight distortion sound. They are great pickups.
well the way i have my guitar set up is a high output pickup at the bridge and a jazz pickup at the neck for clean guitaring. so thats exactly what ill suggest...
id suggest something like a seymour duncan invader humbucker at the bridge.
and something to give a much smoother tone at the bridge like the seymour duncan jazz...
but it all comes down to what your playing and how you want it to sound