Hi UG,

I've been thinking a long while about songwriting and how to really get into it.
I talk to musicians a lot, and most of my friends agree on one thing:
The hardest part of songwriting is the beginning.

Let's face it. Most musicians have always wanted to compose great songs but have next to no experience actually doing it. Next to the 'I have no idea where to start' problem, there's also the 'I don't know how to structurally improve my songs'. Especially when you have no band, or a group for constant critique and tips.
And next to that, you still have the chronically lazy people, who won't do anything unless they have fully committed to it. Me included.
My solution to all of these problems is this, UG;

I'm going to write, record and upload songs on a weekly basis, with the goal to improve my overall musical abilities. I'm starting from absolute scratch. Now I'm asking you. Are you willing to put a couple of hours time a week into realizing your dreams?

The plan is to write, record, and upload one song each week. No matter how 'bad' it is, which instruments it contains, how well you can play them or the quality of your recordings. Though, obviously, you will be limited by all of those, and part of the goal is to improve them, the focus is on the songwriting.

If enough people are interested, we could elaborate.

tl;dr: The goal of this thread is to form a songwriting project. We upload a song each week, log our findings, help each other out, learn from one another, and track our progress.

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I might be up for this, all songs/pieces will be instrumental though.

Edit: on second thoughts I have a lot of revision to do, hmmmm.
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