So I've got this Xiphos. Originally had the stock Edge III bridge. Swapped it out for an original floyd rose.

One of my locking nut holes were stripped recently. Not the screws themselves. They are fine (I have dozens of em, and checked to make sure)

So I'm guessing I need a replacement locking nut.

I looked at the ibanez website and everything of theirs is about 60-200 dollars...

So I went to stewmac.
It seems they offer locking nuts for "double locking tremolo" and for "Original floyd rose"

Seeing as how the original locking nut that came with the xiphos worked just fine when I put an OFR in, should I get the double locking tremolo one or switch to the Ofr one?

is there a difference?

Is swapping the locking nut a complicated procedure? (what can go wrong?)

Thank you very much.
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It will need to be a 43mm or 44mm nut I believe, you should be able to find out on the Ibanez website and then you can order a new nut.
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Can it be any 43/44mm nut though? Say from stewmac or warmoth or any other site?
The ibanez ones are extremely overpriced.
I don't think you need an overpriced ibanez one. Any locking nut should do just fine. You should just be able to measure the size of the nut, if you've got a measuring device in metric. Otherwise check the website.

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