Alright, this one's gonna be a bit weird. My friend and I want to do a dub of Rebecca Black's 'Friday' (as many people have been doing, seeing as the song is so laughably terrible). We want to do it Megadeth style. Yeah, that's right, I'm going to sing it imitating Dave Mustaine's somewhat humorous (Sweating Bullets ) vocals, but I want to make a guitar track that sounds very... 'Megadethy'. I have zero experience songwriting/theory... so I'm asking you guys for help. I want it to have that kind of grungy, sickening, badass feeling that Mustaine puts into his songs, specifically ones like 99 Ways to Die, Sweating Bullets, and Peace Sells. Can you guys help me out? How should I go about writing this?
With no experince with theory/songwriting it's going to be pretty hard to say the least but here we go anyway.

I would of course recommending finding out what the key of the song is.
If it's a major key then maybe use the relative minor key. I talked to a guy who does metal versions of pop songs and that it's how he starts out.

Here is the chords for the song:

You can substitute the full chords with powerchords to get your metal going then maybe add melodi lines using the natural minor scale. If you can figure out the sung melody and transfer it to guitar then your can make a solo out of that.

I play mostly blues and I have little experience making metal versions of other songs but I hope it helped a little. If none of this made sense, then it's too hard for you at this point.
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Lol @ imagining Dave saying Today is Friday Tommorow is Saturday
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Lol @ imagining Dave saying Today is Friday Tommorow is Saturday

Actually, I'm changing up the lyrics a bit. It's gonna be:
I f*cking hate thursday,
I f*cking hate friday,
I'm, I'm, I'm,
with some f*ggots,
I'm with some f*ggots,
I'm gonna kill myself tonight,
tomorrow is saturday,
and sunday comes afterwards,
I don't wanna go to church!