I have a Trace Elliot Super Tramp head, with one tube in it.

I have tested cables/guitars to check if it's any of them causing problems, but to no avail it is a problem with my head... I have to crank the love out of it to get any volume, and even then there is maybe 20dB of sound. I have sorta tried to give the pots a wee clean, the inputs a wee dust etc but still have no solution.. I can still get distortion from the tube too.. But like I say, a very, very low output.

The cab is fine, I have ran my guitar through my Valve Jr and it is fine..

Help? :3
Maybe you have a broken jack or connection inside a cab or the head since it's not the cable. I had similar problem once when my cable kinda shorted the bigger portion of the output to ground tap. Can you try another cab (a friend's one say)?
there quite old arent they, maybe the tube has gone, or going

if not maybe the rest of it is?, do you know how to check the tube thats in there? and is it pre amp or power amp
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If the amp is old enough (around 3-5 years) you can go for tube swap. And my advice is to change them all.