So, ive stripped my les paul down, for painting... first step is to sand it, however the pickups are still wired in. ive removed the pickup guards, coz i wanna paint them, and the pickups are hanging loose... but when it comes to the actual sandng (by hand might i add) should i just cover the cavity, or actually remove them altogether?

I have no soldering iron, solder, or experience in using said equipment, hence my apprehensiveness. Thanks.
p.s., ive loosened the 3 way toggle... gonna tape the cavity closed from the inside and essentially sand over the top of it, while the switch is inside the body, incase u were curious.
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Since you're out of it, just tape the pickups very well and try to be careful.
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Or buy a soldering gun and some solder for $30 since you have a les paul that should be affordable. It's not difficult to solder just remember where you put the wires. Also don't burn the wires already in there.