Epiphone SG Prophecy GX electric guitar
Mahogany neck & body
Ebony fretboard

Dropped from $400 to $300. Priced to sell! In need of money...
$300 + S&H (however much you wanna pay). +$40 for hardshell case

SD Demon / SH-12 in neck modded with double row allens screws (The original Dirty Fingers in neck was definitely too muddy)
SD Distortion / SH-6 in bridge (I think the SH-6 is as crunchy as the Dirty Fingers, but with a smoother top end and not as warm in the lower mids. I found DF to be somewhat warm for a ceramic pickup but I sold it cos it just was too much during drop tunings)

Electronic upgrade: CTS pots, Orange Drop cap, Treble Bleed mod, etc
Nut upgrade from Graphite to Graph Tech TUSQ XL (self lubricated)
Comes with strap locks (matching in Gold)
Knobs have been replaced to all Gold metal knobs, but stock knobs are available
Comes with original Grover tuners

Plays fast and has a monster sound. Anything from AC/DC to heavy metal.

Willing to TRADE and/or CASH
Semi-hollow bass preferably violin style
A good reverb pedal
EHX Freeze pedal
Full Shred / SH-10 Bridge in Black
And I DEFINATELY need a desktop computer like a Dell XPS. 32-bit, Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, etc. I need money to buy a new computer so I can start recording music again. Other desktop crapped out!


p.s. frets were dyed during pic. right now, the guitar has visible fret inlays
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