i've been listening to your stuff for a while now dude, and i gotta say, i like how the quality has improved alot over time. the timing is perfect and the drums are amazing. the bass, i have no oppinion on mostly because i m a little more tuned to the treble side of music. but in anycasae i think it turned out amazing
5/5, 10/10, how ever you wanna get rated on.
Tis True, I am a shredder amongst shredders, but "what is the difference?" you ask? Uhh....i get back to you on that?
the only flaw is the guitar tones are a bit fuzzy.
but doesn't really stand out as an issue.

overall sounds pretty terrific.
ohhhh i was hoping to hear the OOT version, but well... man u really take it to another level. the mix is perfect for me (given that its homemade). the guitars are excelent for the style. The drums sound very veryy real and very convencing. could u give me some details on your gear and plugins/vsti for rec?

oh and you can check the videos on my sig if you want, but just with your answer its ok :P

congratulations man!
Thanks for the comments everyone! I'll c4c when i get in as i'm at college right now

@eltinchox Good news, i've redone the OOT Gerudo Valley too, it will be on youtube pretty soon so if you wanna check that out feel free! I use some modified preset distortion on my Vox ad30vt amp, and record straight into Cubase via a Behringer UCA202 audio interface. And then i EQ it and add some subtle effects.

I actually add in another 2 rhythm guitar tracks using distortion on my Zoom G1 effects pedal and then pan those around 30% left and right (the main 2 are about 95%), and they sit very quietly in the mix. But it does beef up the guitar sound quite a lot, i can't seem to get a very big sound using just my amp distortion.

I'm looking to get a line6 pod with pod farm soon though, so my tone would improve with that as it's very limited right now.