I have a set of black and cream/white more creamish zebra pickups. They are kinda old, the poles are slightly rusted on the top, and you cannot adjust the height of the poles they are compleatly flat.

There are no maker identifications at all on these , the only charatersict i see are three tiny holes in the cream side. (FOR AIR??) IDK.

Can anybody help me identify the parents?
what guitar were they or are they in? the holes (likely) indicate polarity.
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I actually got them for free from a friend as a gift. He didn't like them in his Ibanez so he gave them to me, go figure I love them. My friend Aquired these through a trade, he traded his Acoustic amp (a really sweet 70's solid state) for a another pretty nice Ibanez and the guy threw in 10 pickups from his stockpile. The man with the stockpile said he picked the zebras up from a large bin filled with tons of pick ups, IDK where but i would have like to been there. That's the story of how i got these.

Polarity? What exactly do you mean?? the side with the holes should go on the E B G strings or vice versa

There is nothing not even a serial number on these, which leads me to belive they came out of a reproduction sweat shop...
It just dawned on me that these could be kinda old pickups. I for the life of me could not find any pictures of zebra pickups with out adjustable poles.

They are 7.5 to 7.7 ohms

Then I took a closer look my poles and it appears they were sanded or steelwooled a few times to remove rust. One of the poles is shaped to about a 35 degree angle (lol). Kinda interesting.
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