I've been playing around my area for a few years now in various bands and solo projects and my curren band has a gig coming up at fraternity party pretty soon. And we're thinking about opening the show with an instrumental although im kind of leary about doing this, I've never played a live instrumental much less opening a show with one. Its about 7 minutes long and im wondering about the possibilty of them losing interest.


There's a link to the song let me know what you think
So, we're talking a bunch of college/university kids. Seriously. Do you think they'd rather hear a seven minute instrumental they've never heard before, or something by, say, Franz Ferdinand?

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I wouldnt open up with an instrumental, I'd save it for somewhere near the middle of the set
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Its one thing to open up with an instrumental, but a 7 minute long one? How is that even a question? How would you like it if some band you didn't know showed up to a party and opened up with a 7 minute lone instrumental.. Or better yet, how do you think the average college student would like it? Not very much!

Play some familiar songs, thats what most people want at parties, or if your gonna play originals, stay with songs with lyrics, they're so much easier for people to understand, and perhaps even sing along to? The instrumental will just make it that much harder to get the people back in the mood if they lose interest, which they most likely will..
The instrumental is a cover of widespread panics - disco. Fraternity kids are usually jam band fans and we were hired as a jam band. They should be fairly familiar with the song I would think, if not we're screwed anyway cause their not going to like the rest of the set at all. Im not so worried about playing the song im more worried about playing it first
The instrumental is actually pretty legit, if you want to try it, go for it, I don't think it would go too badly honestly. If you do being with that song though, don't introduce yourselves before until you finish it. Just kick off with that song before anyone says a word.
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Try it; if people start acting bored after the first couple minutes, switch to the next song in the set and have optional time-milking songs as a time buffer in case you have to switch off early.
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We open up with an instrumental.
I cut down Far Beyond The Sun to around two minutes and open with it, people love it and there are lots of claps.
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With instrumental openings I always think it's best to keep 'em short and sweet.

Like around the 2 minute mark. A band I'm with as the bassist (first gig with them tonight actually) open with a semi-instrumental song (there are words spoken but they're just sort of ska-ish "wo-oh" things) which sort of kickstarts the set with some good energy. Then there's a longer instrumental about halfway through the setlist.

Starting with a long instrumental is a bit of a risky move, even if they like it!
Something short and sweet with a nice amount of energy in it is always good to start of a set.