i just got a new (used) Epi G-400 GOTH SG, and as all the reviews say, the pickups suck large black cocks. (no racism meant, btw)

im trying to keep costs low, as this guitar is going to be my modding platform/project guitar.

im looking for high gain passive pickups.
i play anything from ozzy/sabbath to children of bodom, and everything in between, mainly the heavier stuff, though.
so far i'm considering the GFS Crunchy Rails for both neck and bridge, or the GuitarHeadz Hex bucker set.

Do any of you UG-GB&C geniuses have any experience with either pickups?
or other recommendations?
I have GFS FAT PAT Pickups in my EPI LP.
They do Sabbath fairly well. New Ozzy, not so much.
And thats running through a Vox AC30.

But I also received a comment/complement this past weekend that I pretty much nailed the early sabbath sound with my Ibanez - Evolution pups going through a Hardwire TL-2 into the Vox.
Toni Iommi is probably my #2 or #3 influence though (After Lifeson and maybe tied with Clapton).