Okay, so I've narrowed it down to the following

Squier Jaguar VM HH
Squier Jazzmaster VM
Squier Tele Custom VM
Epi Les Paul 100

I have yet to try most of these. So far I like the LP sound over the squiers that I have played. My budget is around $350 CAN max! Do NOT suggest I buy used or save up, not happening. This is it. So opinions? Which has the best sound/build quality of these? I'm not into metal styles at all, more alternative, modern rock, classic rock, "indie".

I'm Canada so selection isn't as great as USA (We don't have GC). Also, please don't suggest any online ordering, I'm just going to pick one and buy it from the store.
im going to say the les paul because squires typically suck, however i have never played that model. honestly if possible find a cheap ibanez
Well, Epiphones are far better build quality than any Squier. You'd need to do some heavy modification on any Squier you get for it to feel decent. I'm sure the stock pickups are also better in the Epiphone, the one's in my Strat sucked pretty hard.

But I'm rambling. In short, go for the Epiphone.
G series Cort was my first electric i got it new with an amp and gig bag for 369.99 and its a great all around guitar. i have ibanezs and bc richs and i don't like them as much as the cort. And don't let people tell you anything bad about they are a very god quality guitar
I've never loved the Strat sound/design. I like the 'fatter' bassier sound better, therefore why I am leaning towards the Epiphone LP-100.
Well you ARE canadian... Probably why you can't appreciate Strats.

Haha, just bustin' your balls. But yeah, the Epiphones the smart choice here.
under 350? any ibanez model that is in your price range will do you justice. i have a $200 Rg120 and i love it
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Well you ARE canadian... Probably why you can't appreciate Strats.

Haha, just bustin' your balls. But yeah, the Epiphones the smart choice here.

It isnt the lp100 isnt good at all.

Yeah from what I understand the Squiers are better build quality-wise. The Epiphone just sounds better to me though. The only issues are its apparent less quality and I heard it has a bit of problems staying in tune, although this seems to be a scattered issue across the internet. I'll have to go down to Steve's (main Toronto music store) and play the Squier more extensively next time. Thanks a lot, any other comments are still welcome.
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im going to say the les paul because squires typically suck, however i have never played that model. honestly if possible find a cheap ibanez

I dunno what you're talking about man why would he buy an Ibanez given the types of music he plays?

Anyway to OP, go for the tele custom. If you can, get a Squier Telecaster Custom II. I bought one of these years ago when I'd only been playing a couple years and didn't know much about guitar because I wanted a blues guitar. I've kept it and I play it a lot when I'm looking for the kinds of sounds you're going for because the sound is incredible. I don't know about the other Squier teles, but with the dual P90s on the Custom II, you get an awesome variety of sounds, everything from bluesy piano-like tones to twangy southern rock and classic rock. The only beef I have with it is it goes out of tune easily, but I've had mine for 5 years so it might just be because of that. On the other hand, why so against buying used...?

*seeing as you're from Toronto, I see strats and teles going on kijiji all the time in the GTA area for great prices. Steve's is just going to price gouge you for the same guitar.. but hey if that's your thing.
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Why aren't you interested in buying used? You'll get a much more valuable guitar at a better price. Probably with no more wear and tear than it would get in any other environment. I bet if you waited for one to pop up you could get the Fender version of one of those guitars for around the same price. Just saying.

Out of those guitars, for a modern rock style I would suggest the Jaguar or the Tele. The Jag is gonna have more grrrowl to it with the dual humbuckers, so if you like that hot-rod distortion kind of sound I'd say that would be the better choice. The tele will probably have a bit more twang, but with the tone controls you could probably get a very smooth tone out of it as well.

I personally think Epi Les Pauls play and sound pretty bad. If your gonna get a Les Paul get a real one. The Jazzmaster will be smooth but kind of sparkly and jangly, not sure if that is what you're looking for.
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how about Agile?
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The les pauls are OK studio upwards but the lp100 downwards are the kinda thing you wanna avoid tbh
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It isnt the lp100 isnt good at all.


All my experiences with the LP100 have been shocking, this coming from a guy who still regularly plays an Epiphone Les Paul Junior. All the ones I've touched were poorly finished and felt CHEAP.
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Tele Custom, I'd say. Maybe the Jazzmaster if you like the sound. I would steer clear of low model Epis if I were you; I've found they go out of tune within a couple of chords, buzz all the way up and down the neck, and sound like garbage plugged in. Whatever could be said about Squier (the Affinity and Bullet series, the ones you usually encounter, are even worse than the low-end Epiphones), in my experience their top models (namely, the ones you listed) are excellent, with remarkably clear sound and playability above and beyond that of most sub-$800 Fenders. I played that Jazzmaster and the neck felt incredible - I was like, "This is a $250 guitar?"
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Get the tele custom or the jazzmaster.
Definately not the lp 100.
If you want a les paul, then save up a bit more and get a les paul studio for $350
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