Hey guys, whats up...i recently sold my Line 6 Spider 4 15w and bought a Peavey Classic 30 (ya i know, BIG upgrade)...

The Peavey pretty much does everything, but i would like it to do even more...so i figured i would increase my pedalboard a little bit and buy some new pedals...

I have a budget of roughly 200-250$...so im sure that could buy a few REALLY good pedals...(1 good pedal or atleast 2 decent pedals)

I have a Epi Les Paul with stock pickups (which i plan on changing here shortly...if you could recommend decent pickups for around 200-250$ as well, i'd be pleased lol) and a Digitech RP355...which does its purpose for the most part

I enjoy playing Classic Rock, Blues, Metal and pretty much anything else under the sun, so honing in on one specific genre would be pointless in my case, cause i like 'em all

I've been told to stick to Electro-Harmonix, as well as MXR for good quality, but i just recently found out about these companies about 3 weeks ago, so im not to sure on how surefire the quality is

Thanks guys for any recommendations and/or advice you can give!
What sought of pedals are you after? reverb, distortion, delay, modulation, etc...

For the pickups, Dimarzio evolutions will sound amazing for classic rock and metal, no guarantees about blues though (maybe coil splitting could achieve some bluesy tones). Also check out Seymour Duncan, and maybe EMG.

Electro-Harmonix and MXR are very reliable brands.

I will give some pedal suggestions once you tell us what pedal types you are after

Ibanez RG321MH (with EMG 81/85)
Ibanez SA260FM (stock)

Boss ME-70

Roland CUBE 15X (built like a tank)

**coming soon**
Low wattage all tube amp

maybe selling ME-70 and buying stompboxes
Well, since the Classic 30 DOES have a reverb and really nice clean and rock tones, I am guessing that you want something for metal tones.
My suggestion:
I hava a Classic 30 and I would suggest this:
Get an Ibanez Jemini. It Works really well with mids and bass a 1/4 and treble at 1/2 of full)
It produces a very nice overdriven sound, great for blues and blues rock using the green side and the clean channel of the Classic 30, while the green side will also give you a wonderful lead tone in combination with your OD channel.
It works best if you do not turn the gain all the way up on the pedal (12:00) , get the tone up (12:30-13:00) and the level to 11:30. This works for the clean channel and the OD.
( Works really well with mids and bass a 1/4 and treble at 1/2 of full)
Now, using the RED side with the clean channel will give you a really nice metal tone.
Not on Slipknot levels but well suited for "true metal".
And using it in combination with the OD channel (not too much gain, though), will get you a solo sound to die for.

If you are looking for modulation effects, then go look for a Ibanez UE 400.