This lady is addicted to eating sofas

Kind of reminds me of some lady that's afraid of cotton balls.
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You have excellent taste in literature, dear sir

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You have excellent taste in video games, good sir.

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Having left her couches behind, Adele has stockpiled enough cushion to tide her over for a matter of weeks.

But when her supply runs out, will she begin to eat her sister’s couch?

I like the tension.
I came in here to post a bad pun....but..
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Pica is a disease that absolutely fascinates me. I hope this woman's treatment is successful. Until then, I'm going to lounge about.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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Did she have it with a side of couch potatoes?

If she did, I'm sure she was overly stuffed.
Reminds me of that lady that's addicted to eating toilet paper. I actually screamed "Stop ****ing doing that. It's bad for you and it's weird as ****." at the tv.


Deal with it

Max Talbot will always be my hero
But when her supply runs out, will she begin to eat her sister’s couch?

There is no possible way the person writing the article put that in without forethought.
Sofa king good!
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I love you forever.

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That Rick Roll was extremely well played.
Lets jump in a pool

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