Hai guys!
So we're releasing a record this summer, and I'm here to see what some of you may think of our soon-to-be first single!


The song is on my profile, enjoy
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Sounds just like System Of A Down from it's roots as soon as the vocals come in, and with the screams/growls, the track feels like something Sikth would create in their free-time if they were still around. The mix is a little odd, but it's a good song. I like it. Really sick work. Those screams/growls has a ton of power and emotion backing them. Came out real well.

Crit for crit?
hehe sounds exactly like system of a down, but at the times where they were still fun to listen to. its a good song, and in this genre you just gotta keep it fun - thats where SOAD lost it i think...

good work, loved it
sounds good, nice scream at the beginning!

Its a pretty short track, but i think its good at the length its at. The vocals are obviously very SOAD influenced, but the music seems a little more thrash influenced. You could add another minute to this song, and it would still come out good, maybe even better. All in all this song is pretty sweet, sounds like I would definitely pick up an album by you guys
Heya, thanks for the review of my song

Definitely make the song longer haha :p I think it's got the opportunity to have a really really catchy chorus type deal, something that will get stuck in your head even after one listen. Because even the "verse"(?) I guess is repeating itself already.
The guitars sound good for the type of song that it is (SOAD-ish like mentioned). I won't get into the mix because my room is very tiny and boomy, not suited for that.
Give us more!
hey man, thanks for listening to my song.

I gave your song a listen, it definitely reminds me of SOAD, very fun to listen to, and catchy in a weird way. The audio quality is pretty good, but it's a little hard to hear anything except the vocals at times (maybe the vocals are too loud?) Other than that everything sounded pretty good. Good job!
This just screams SOAD. Not bad though. I have to say, I admired the vocal work at 0:50.
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I have to say, I'm not a SOAD fan at all, and I could hear a lot of that influence in the track (as mentioned above) BUT, I have to say, it was catchy, and well executed. Coming from a performers standpoint, it sounds like it would be fun to play, as well as fun to sing.
The first few seconds kinda threw me until I realized it was an intro effect, then I dug that too.
Overall, I liked it man.
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Thanks for the reviews! I figured you wouldn't mind the bounce. You mentioned interest in downloading my tunes. If you go to this link (and then click on the blue text saying "full"):


Or, here is a direct link to 'An Avalanche', where you can download it for free here:


Or, here is a direct link to 'Bad Force', where you can download it for free here: