I bought an Ibanez RG 470 DX awhile back, fell in love with it, but ran into a lot of problems with the neck and the bridge. Aside from needing a pro set-up, the trem arm needs replacing, the bridge itself isn't that great (Low TRS-II), and I suspect the nut or the saddles are catching the high E string. Is it really worth it to buy an Original Floyd Rose bridge and a pro set-up, which is a lot more than the price I paid for the guitar? I hate to sell the guitar but its looking like thats the reality right now
Where the hell are you going that a setup costs more than the ****in guitar?

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I can't tell if the dead notes (2nd fret low E, 18th fret high E) are due to frets needing redressing, or me just not setting up the guitar quite right
Any guitar will benefit tremendously from a proper setup. My advice is to get it done by a guitar tech, it can be costly but well worth it. Everytime I get this done I find myself thinking, "****! it feels like a totally different guitar!" the tech can likely sort out your trem, assuming it isn't damaged.