Hey I've got an M-audio Fast Track Pro and I'm getting a very weak signal from my mic. I have to turn up the gain on the Fast Track to almost the highest to get a usable signal and when I set it that high I get some distortion of the signal that I have to use a compressor to stop. It's usable but I'm using a shure sm57 and I'm sure there must be some way to get a better signal with such a good mic..
I've also tried it with a shitty $30 mic I got from bestbuy and I get a low signal on that too. I've tried both XLR to XLR and XLR to 1/4 and both cables give around the same signal. On the other hand, when I plug my guitar straight into the mixer, I get a full strength signal so I'm pretty sure the unit isn't defective. Anyone have any idea what's going on? I'm mic'ing my amp by putting the mic directly in front of or slightly off center of the speaker cone.
Turn the gain up on your fast track until you get a small bit of clipping, then turn it down a bit.
Yeah thats where I'm at, and like I said, it's only usable when I compress/limit it since the high sounds clip and any amount of clipping sounds bad to me. Otherwise the signal is quite weak.
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How high is the input volume on your DAW? Also, how loud is the amp, with dynamic mics, if you don't use enough volume, you'll never get a high enough line level signal.


My SM57 will only pick up my amp if the amp's level is really cranked up which is why i use Amp Simulators and my Amp in a live setting.

If it's a Condenser then have you got phantom power switched on? Have you got the Pad activated?
If you're clipping the gain is still too high on your preamp. You shouldn't be peaking above -6dbfs.