I am trading off my schecter stiletto studio 6 in honey satin, because i find myself never using more than 5 strings, and the extra becomes unnecessary, so i'll try to give it to someone who would properly use it. it is a few years old, used live once, and has no real blemishes, other than minor buckle rash. everything is well set up and maintained. I am looking for trades for Spector, Ibanez, or other Schecter 4 or 5 strings, preferrably, but if you wish to offer another, i will be more than happy to consider it. I am looking for as close to an equal trade as possible (any bass worth about 800 new, or about 500 used, though i am not too concerned with superficial damage) just to avoid dealing with cash. any and all offers should be sent to my email, just for the quickest response.


link for pics below