So i'm a massive pedal n00b! been playing guitar for a number of years now and have only just started to desire better tones and such, thus i'm getting interested in pedals, which i know next to nothing about!
My band is an Alternative/Indie band, Sorta like Arctic Monkeys or even The Strokes.
I bought my first decent pedal last week, Maxon OD-808, and now i want more! But i'm not quite sure what i'd need to get the sound i'm after. Any help would be appreciated!
i have a tele and a vox AC30, we're an australia band!
Haha, i'm Australian too, but we play death metal. Anyways, boss pedals like the DS-1 or the MD-1 would be suitable for an alternative band such as yourself. If you are looking for effects, Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah and the Boss PH-3 are both incredible for the price. I wish you the best on your musical journey and I hope I helped you!
You have good taste in amps my friend.
I'm not familiar with those bands (heard OF them though).
Zvex Box Of Rock gives a nice sound. Although in my case, I use the boost part of it more than than the distortion part.
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if you dont know what you need them for, then you probably dont need anything

Pretty much this.
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Yeah, if you just want to tweak your tone, start by tweaking the settings on your amp. If you find yourself wanting some sort of effect for a song, (delay, chorus, etc) then start looking at those pedals. Simply buying more things won't help, tone doesn't get better the more things you add.

That said, I got a little delta labs chorus pedal as an add-on in a trade I made a few months ago. I almost never turn it off now. I have it set very subtly so that you almost don't notice it, but it works well to thicken up my sound and give it a bit of shimmer, especially for a relatively low end pedal, I've been very impressed.
I'd suggest an overdrive - Maxon 808 or similar, just to get a broader range and drive the AC30 a little more. Maybe something like a Boss DD3.

Get to your local Allens/Hyde's or similar and just check out some of the pedals or types of pedals you may have seen mentioned by favourite bands, reviews or people here extolling the relative virtues and merits.

With your set up and the bands you mentioned you shouldn't need much.
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I notice alot of band use the mxr micro amp. What is it?