AND IM FREAKING OUT MAN! haha i dont know why because i think i got everything down, but still.

Any words from the wise?
I took it last October and passed fine. Try to relax and not worry about it too much, the testing person I had really was not as bad as everyone had made them out to be. No sudden turns or anything like that. Good luck.

Don't forget blinkers (especially in the parking part)

Its really not that bad. All they had me do was the 25mph stop, back up in a straight line, parking, and a lap around the block (maybe a half mile) Just stay calm, turn the music OFF and concentrate on driving.
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Don't worry about it man. I had no problem at all when I took mine. Just remember where everything is and don't kill anyone.
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I don't mean to sound like a braggart, but I didn't get any errors when I took the driving test. If you drive comfortably and confidently (and doing things legally) while you practice, there should be no reason why you should fail. Here's what helped: REALLY turn your head to show the tester person that you're checking your mirrors and looking over your shoulder, and all that junk. Drive the right speed limit, give pedestrians the right of way, and really just be a courteous driver. Then again, I went to a DMV that was known for being super easy, so all that may not have had anything to do with it at all haha.

Really though, just don't be nervous. It's really not a big deal.
I'm gonna take it possibly in a couple months or so. Feel free to post how you did TS, and how the test was.
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If you can parallel park properly and know when to signal, you should be fine.
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it's really easy. When I took mine, the guy told me I passed as I was pulling into the parking space, and I immediately proceeded to audibly crunch the bumper of the car into the curb. still got my license
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Holy shit man!

Im doing mine tomorrow too!

8:35 in the morning. My driving instructor said its a great time to do in the holidays, cause no one wants to be up early. I went out today at that time, roads were empty. Im really excited.
What state are you from (or country)? I'd assume all the tests are pretty similar though. Don't worry about it, and when in doubt take the more cautious approach to any situation.

Edit: I didn't have to parallel park either, just a long backup. They didn't even have me go on the freeway.
Start slowing down 10 feet before the destination you gotta stop at. Don't just slam on your brakes. Not only is it not fun, but it will lower you chances of passing.
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Don't hit many pedestrians.

Smell ya later!
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