Looking to sell some of my gear, its in great condition and the amount i've posted is what im looking for but im willing to make deals etc. All the guitars are professionally set up and play like a dream.

ESP LTD F-404 Bass - $800 with hardcase - Pretty much brand new, no scratches had it about 3 months. Only reason im selling it is because I recently got a spector euro4 and I no longer play this.

ESP LTD JH-600 Jeff Henneman Signature guitar - $800 with SKB hardcase. These guitars retail for 3 grand in australia and is about a year old. Hardwares a bit discoloured but other than that its fine, no scratches etc.

Boss GT-6B Bass multi FX PEDAL - $300 - Sturdy as anything and no bad marks. I've moved on from a multi fx unit to individual pedals.

Hartke 115XL - A case of beer (a nice one) - Nothing wrong with it, i just dont want it and it takes up space... If i don't sell it, it will be set on fire either at a gig or if my band do a music video and we shall dance around it wearing mexican hats. I almost dont want to sell it purely because I want to do that and film it.

Shure PG Drum Mic set - $350 3 tom mics, kick mic, 2 overhead mics, clips etc. included.. Only used for home recording a drum kit once, thought we would be doing more so my band all put in together. and now we just rip peoples home drumming off youtube and cut and paste it together (Just kidding)

Inbox me or email me at gootak2@hotmail.com if u have any questions, If u want ill get photo's.

If you want to organise delivery im sure we can arrange something, I'll deliver around sydney if paid cash Except for the hartke coz then it would be a case of beer and some petrol money