Hey all,

I've been trying to learn some songs with chords that are split (or whatever the proper term for them is). For example "D/C#" or "Gm/F". Since UG's chord assist tool doesn't recognize those split chords, I can't really figure out how to play them. I've tried googling them but some I can't find. It's my understanding that the Ultimate Guitar people are working on this but for now the chord assist will just show one chord or the other.

Bottom line, if anyone knows a free site with EVERY chord I could possibly run into, please let me know. Thanks
i think you're asking for too much. a list of every chord you could possibly run into would run well into the thousands. no way that would be free.

is it really that hard just to learn a little simple theory so you can do this for yourself (and others)?
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Hey thanks for the reply guys. I've used the site you've recommended before but still couldn't find some.

In response to learning theory: I was unaware that there was a way to figure out how to play chords without actually just memorizing the ones you need for a particular song or having the sheet music show you the chords. I'll look into it to see whether or not it is "really that hard to learn a little simple theory"...