I imported a midi file from guitar pro into pro tools by clicking "import/midi" in pro tools. I tried making an auxiliary track and connecting this to the drum midi file from guitar pro, because is the only track I need . when I press play all I can hear is a hissing sound. I tried making a new track and connecting it to the guitar pro midi, but again just a hissing sound. Am I importing the midi from guitar pro in the wrong way or am I doing something wrong? does anyone know why this is not working? help...
I do this all the time. Export the MIDI from GP. In PT, create a bunch of Instrument tracks. Drag the MIDI file onto the instrument tracks. On the instrument track that the drums are one, insert XPand!2, and choose the Rock Kit preset (should be number 7, I think). If you don't have XPand!2, just insert any other virtual software instrument that has drum sounds.
Check out the songs in my profile to hear the results of doing this. I think it's pretty realistic.
You have to use an instrument track, not an auxiliary track. That's most likely your problem.
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