Title says it all. I bought a brand spanking new Flying V Bass from GC about 8 months ago, but I have a major problem:

I can't find a decent case!

Every time I look on musiciansfriend website I can't find a soft case or a hard case for the bass, just the guitar version, and I'm sort of getting to the point where I'm afraid of carrying it around in my truck caseless to gigs due to concern of damage and or theft.

Any ideas? I'm not too rich but I can afford to spend a bit to make sure my favorite bass isn't laying out in the elements.

(Mods: If this is the wrong forum, my apologies! I rarely post and I figured this would be the best place to come to as opposed to the Guitar Gear forum. If need please move or close this)
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this is the correct forum, if its related to bass in anyway it pretty much goes here.

What I would do is go to your local epiphone distributer and ask them about it. Im sure epi makes one.
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can't you put anything in a coffin case?
thats my recommendation.
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I had the same problem dude! Only problem is that I had a bigger bass than that!!
This is the case I bought for my bass guitar and it's pretty big. It's about 5 ft 6inches in length and very wide. Hard to carry around but it may be a sacrifice you'll have to make. All I have to say is that it'll fit any guitar on the planet. (I am very drunk at the moment, sorry). Peace bro!
Holy crow, thanks guys, you've been really helpful! I'll figure out which one to get and post pics of everything once I get it all together.
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