Whats the diff i found these used in my price range but there 100 watts, thats alot.

these are marshall heads used

they also got jcm 900 or jcm 2000
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You really need to tell us more. For starters, which JCM? And even further, there are two basic types of JCM900 (the Dual reverb and the SL-X) and two basic types of JCM2000 (DSL and TSL). These are all rather different amps. What genres of music are you playing?
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Get the JCM

I'm pretty sure JMDs are SS

Where's Waldo?

Nah, what you want is one of the vintage G100s. Switch to the drive channel on one of these babies and you get a face-melting jazz tone like you've never heard before.

Seriously though, give us some more info here.
The JMD is a hybrid series that actually, supposedly, is not that bad. I haven't gotten a chance to play one yet, though.

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