Does anyone know of some books/DVDS/courses on more advanced theory? I'm thinking that what I'm after might be in the more classical or jazz sense, but it doesn't have to be. I definitely know the basics of the major scale and its modes, basic harmony and stuff like that, so I was thinking maybe something on analyzing/combining scales, advanced harmony and chord progressions, modulation etc. Any recommendations?
I don't know what you already know, and do not, but I teach online to where your average theorist, concludes at a fairly advanced level, as well as being able to use and apply all of it in real time.

It's a little hard to really explain something as subjective as advanced, for example, if you are talking about CST (Upper Level Berklee) and Linear Harmony, and Jazz Reharmonization, no... not that advanced, but certainly, you'd have all the skill sets and knowledge needed to proceed into those studies. I didn't have a problem in the world with these areas. I mean there's certainly more that I can always learn and discover.

If you ask me "why don't I have things that teach these?", that would be a good question. I'd probably answer that my teaching them would be redundant. Once my graduates get to a certain point, they don't need to be taught (or more precisely put they don't need assistance in learning most things that they move into) so whatever I'd bring to the table teaching-wise would probably not be that novel, and more than likely self-evident to these students.

I'd rather focus my teaching and outline where its the most substantial and beneficial. I don't want to get into the role where I re-invent the wheel, unless my "wheel" is significantly more useful and allows the student to progress at a noticeably faster rate.


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