Far enough so they are not restricting airflow. Depends on size (someone correct me if I am wrong) but I would assume your are prob safe at 6 inches.

To be honest I would put my hand against wall and feel how much air is hitting. And if its just like a small breeze I would assume its safe.
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as far as room acoustics go, listening position is generally considered best at roughly 1/3 the distance between the front and back wall. i'm sure you wouldn't have any problem at all with them being ported and in close proximity to anything if you followed that guideline.
Thanks for all the help guys!!! Looks like I definitely need front ported monitors (dorm room). Can u guys name some off? I know krk is and alesis me mkII are but they have a power supply issue.
The new Yamaha ones with the white cones, designed to be "like" the NS-10's are really solid. At least the pair I heard with the 8" drivers.

Yorkville, too. That's what I have, though the model I have has been discontinued.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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