hey guys, so i just made this intro up a minute ago, but i cant really seem to figure out where i want to go from the end of it with. i want to make kind a a punky melodic song (so pretty much rise agaistish) but i cant decide what to do.

i want the rhythm guitar to kick in with by itself for a second with the drums and then the whole band just goes at it for a few bars till the lyrics come in (which i havnt started)

if anyone has a good idea of what to go with next i will gladly collaborate, i just really like this intro and want it to go somewhere. so anyways here it is/


im using guitarpro 6 so if you want send me your idea with that or otherwise pm me with your ideas. thanks guys
There is a saying in poetry, "show me, don't tell me." here you are announcing everything, like an announcer to a sporting event. "Dave has the ball. Dave passes the ball. Dave picks his ass."


XD epic win